Brides, I Need Your Wedding Photos!

As I’ve been creating my new site, I am limited to the photos I can show because trying to get back wedding photos from brides and/or photographers (when they’re not your actual friends) is so hard. I haven’t quite figured out the best way to ensure I get them in 2024, but I have to find a way. Yes, I can take my photos, and yes, we can take videos, but there’s no comparison to how amazing professional photos look of our clients and our work.

This year, I will require every bride’s photographer before even signing a contract so I can have two contacts to reach out to after the wedding in hopes of sharing our combined amazingness 🙂

To all my past and future brides, please take a moment and send me your galleries and/or put a reminder in your phone for 2 months after your wedding date to send your hair and makeup artist your photos. I hate having to keep asking, but we all want to share in your wow moments and show the world! Plus, it helps my site look clean haha.

I can’t wait to see all the photos this year and new trends in beauty, so every client won’t look the same. That excites me! Lastly, if you have not sent your photos my way, please email me today!!

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