other things i do.

When I’m not on-site making people beautiful…

I am doing so many other things. If you read my About page, then you know being a Bridal Artist is one thing I do but it’s not who I am. I’ve never been limited to one thing in life. I’ve always been a person of many creative gifts.

here’s a glimpse

What I do outside of weddings



I launched my podcast, Rescued & Restored, in December 2023. After a year in delayed obedience, which is disobedience to the Lord’s instruction to start, I took the leap. I never knew that what God would have me say would have miracles, signs & wonders follow it through a podcast but the testimonies I have received have been just that! When your words are His words, He will create the platform for you to speak. It’s not about numbers, it’s about anointing for me.

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel’s hand.” (The seven lamps represent the eyes of the Lord that search all around the world.) Zechariah 4:10


Chapel Speaker

I never envisioned myself leading Chapel at the school from which I graduated, but obedience can lead you to places you never realized you needed to visit. This was a leap of blind faith but wow, did God show up in so many ways. Even in ways I will not see till I get to heaven. I can’t imagine where this first step will lead. I had so much compassion for these young people to experience the REAL presence of God. Many did and I know so many seeds have been planted and lives have been literally saved from the spirit of death.


Sand & Sawdust

In 2017 my husband and I came up with this name for what we thought would just be side work for fun here and there. In 2018 I continuously prayed for God to let my husband work less, make more money and use his gifts and talents all while being home with us more. Word for word God answered that prayer in 2021. What felt like out of the blue God said, “step out”! That July he quit his full-time job to follow the direction with no instructions except that word. No clientele, no security in income other than complete trust in God to provide (we were both self-employed). But we know He is always faithful. Working alongside my husband brings immense joy to my life. The process of building and designing custom pieces, such as built-ins, furniture or remolded rooms is one of my favorite things to do.



Although I’m not formally trained as a writer, I take pleasure in writing about the topics I discuss in my podcast. I’m an avid journaler, chronicling the works of God in my life and the subjects of my prayers. Spring of 2024 I was asked (I didn’t ask, that’s how I know it was God giving me another avenue to do what I enjoy but don’t feel qualified to do) to join a group of writers and write for a women’s ministry E-Mag Unveiled Living. Now, I have the option to continue writing for each quarterly edition and share what God gives me with women I would never reach otherwise.


Striving to be a Bezalel!

‘I have filled him with the Spirit of God, giving him great wisdom, ability, and expertise in all kinds of crafts. ‘

In Exodus 31 God tells Moses He has specifically chosen Bezalel to be the one who will build the tabernacle with the other craftsman. God created him to come up under another man and help him accomplish the vision God had given him. That is what I pray to be for those around me. In various ways I come under their vision and give of my many creative talents to help bring their vision God gave them to pass. In faith to believe with them. In prayer, in creating their websites, in creating graphics and logos etc. Renovating spaces for them to work. However I can help, I do.

my first e-mag i’ve started writing for

Unveiled Living

Go check out this ministry for women of all ages and read the e-mag I was able to start wrting for.

Everyone should go on a

Missions Trip

I never desired to go on a mission’s trip. I like AC, being clean and the comforts of my little house in Sunset Beach. Not to mention the thought of leaving my children and husband felt like negligence on my end. Then in 2022 the opportunity came about to go on one and I found myself desiring to go. This wasn’t going to be a roughing it out in a tent with no running water type of trip. This was considered a pretty luxurious trip or, so I’ve been told. We stayed in a Holiday Inn and had amazing food, AC in the hotel and clean running water the whole time. However just minutes outside of our hotel we were in areas that didn’t have all of those things. I could never fully explain all that happened to me on that trip, but it was a life altering effect. God had to take me to Mexico to break me and teach me how to love and have compassion. Not the type of “American” love and compassion, this was different. This was something I had never seen before in another human or knew a human could possess. I was able to be with people who tangibly carry the presence of God and the love of the Father with every hug, prayer and smile. It was only a 7-day trip in May of 2023, but it will stay with me a lifetime.